• Chelsea Baker

    Founder & Director of Flexi Flow - Learning Innovation & Wellbeing

    Chelsea Baker

    Chelsea has extensive & diverse professional experience spanning education, human services, community development, arts & culture and creative therapies. Chelsea has launched & run several social enterprises, worked in China, Libya & Australia in intercultural business brokerage & led social impact projects across sectors whilst managing diverse stakeholders. Flexi Flow was intentionally designed to provide preventative & responsive programs that empower and nurture young learners and their communities. For Chelsea, it’s all about this vision. Chelsea sees a revolution of joy based learning & everyday wellbeing coming into life as families, education and care professionals, health practitioners and community workers meet to talk about the futures of the children they know and love. A tertiary qualified Human Services Worker & Community Development Practitioner. Chelsea also holds qualification & certificates in Yoga Instruction, Educational Kinesiology, Adult Education & Training. Chelsea has received extensive professional supervision and training in Narrative Trauma-Informed Positive Psychology Practice, Business & a number of other mind-body modalities that intersect her passion for the potential found in the nexus of arts, health, and education possibilities.
  • Sarah Ripper

    Strategic Collaborator

    Sarah Ripper

    Sarah has worked within the arts, community and entertainment sectors in Australia and internationally. Sarah has also worked in developmental contexts in Australia, Cambodia, India and East Timor including the United Nations and the largest citizen journalism project in Asia, India Unheard. She was the founder of Happy from the Inside, a Melbourne based organisation providing creative arts & wellbeing programs for asylum seeker and refugee children. She is a qualified primary school teacher and has concurrently trained in various healing modalities and spiritual teachings over the past 8 years within Austraila, India and the Phillipines. She has managed a children's performing arts programs, worked in events and has a particular passion for drama. She writes for UPLIFT Connect and has facilitated meditation and workshops in energetic awareness for children and adults in the Philippines. Sarah is also the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Myoni, a purpose driven start-up launched in 2018.
  • Rehana Lakhani

    Education & Wellbeing Coordinator

    Rehana Lakhani

    Rehana brings to Flexi Flow over 12 years' of experience within diverse roles in the education, employment, community, health/wellbeing, and social services sectors. Her passion is connecting opportunities with a range of diverse learners. She believes that education is transformative, and can be used as a tool for social change. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Rehana has now been living in Brisbane for over 8 years. As a Yoga Teacher, she is able to connect mind, body and spirit and is conscious of how creative modalities are a path toward self-discovery and emancipation. She volunteers her time to coordinate a community playgroup for 0-5yr olds. As Education & Wellbeing Coordinator with Flexi Flow, Rehana's role is to coordinate the development of online educational courses & develop and maintain relationships with schools, education providers and the wider Brisbane community to promote Flexi Flow's wellbeing programs for children and staff. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Human Resources Management, a Masters in Training & Development, a Cert IV in Training & Assessment, and she is a qualified Yoga Teacher offering prenatal​ classes to women.

Mentors & Coaches

  • Gay Landeta

    Educational Kinesiologist & Learning Innovation Expert

    Gay Landeta

    Gay Landeta’s awareness of the unique needs of today’s children, together with their carers, parents and educators, began after the birth of her own children. After certifying as a Family Skills Trainer in the early 90’s she recognised that parenting skills and community engagement was not the complete answer. As she began to search for other ways to support her children’s emotional, social and academic skills transition to school she discovered the core movement program of Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym and the concept of moving to learn. It was through this program that she could finally see changes taking place in her children’s ability to learn and self regulate and in her own wellbeing. Gay qualified as an Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym Instructor in 1995, commencing private practice and teaching in 1996. She started working with children at risk, consulting with several residential care programs. In working with these children, Gay not only saw the positive impact that intentional movement, especially those that related to the developmental pathways made, but also the importance of allowing the child to be their own expert. Gay pursued extensive movement related Educational Kinesiology training in developmental reflexes and sensory and perpetual skills and in theoretical learning models, and gained a Distinction in a Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) majoring in disability and youth. Gay continues to see adults and children in her private practice in Brisbane and has taught Brain Gym and other movement based learning programs to thousands of parents and educators nationally. In addition to her private practice and her work mentoring practitioners she is on the advisory board of Flexi Flow. She is a licensed Brian Gym, Optimal Brain Organisation and Visioncircles Instructor with Brain Gym Australia and registered as a level 5 (diploma) Kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiology Association. In her spare time Gay loves playing with her dogs, cooking from her garden, reading, yoga and art.
  • Max Heers

    Lead Circus Coach & Embodiment Well-being Mentor

    Max Heers

    Max brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, passion and purpose to the Flexi Flow Team. The Lead Circus Coach, core content collaborator and inclusive kids engagement expert Max bring a lot to the Flexi Flow Team. Max has extensive experience working as a teacher aide at mainstream and specialist assistance primary schools. Ze is a passionate social animator and community mobiliser and has extensive experience working in grass roots community responses to social needs. Max is an active member across a number of creative communities in Brisbane and Australia, performing and training in circus & physical performance. Max is studying Social Services at UQ while he co-creates and fortifies core onsite workshop content for across all Flexi Flow programs.
  • Kylie Hinde

    Music Therapist

    Kylie Hinde

    Kylie is a Registered Music Therapist (neurological) and provisional psychologist with a therapeutic background in the areas of early intervention, trauma, cross-culture application of music therapy, and research. Kylie prescribes to a multi-modal collaborative approach in her therapy work, which consists of music making, movement, body percussion, mindfulness, emotional and sensory regulation activities and play-based interaction. Kylie is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to Flexi Flow in 2019.


  • Aimee Gray

    Circus & Wellbeing Coach

    Aimee Gray

    Aimee has a passion for connecting community, sharing ideas and stories. She has a Bachelor in Drama, Film & Education, has worked extensively running circus workshops as part of school programs, and in a past life was a high school drama teacher. She has over 10 years experience in community arts working alongside a variety of community groups in multi art forms and values the importance the arts play in a balanced and joyous life. Aimee’s key areas are circus, movement and creative play.
  • Mark Gray

    Circus & Wellbeing Coach

    Mark Gray

    Mark is a performer and musician, who builds and creates things out of recycled materials. Mark is a loop pedal artist and percussion extraordinaire who enjoys supporting others to find their own rhythm, getting his flow on in circus and reminding people that anything is possible.
  • Yuri Roberts

    Children's Flow Coach

    Yuri Roberts

    Yuri brings a passion for the flow arts, creative engagement with children and a heart felt drive to connect people to the power of flow! Yuri worked as a clown doctor for terminally ill children in his country of birth Brazil, and is striving to continually enhance his everyday clowning and magician skills. Yuri has a long history engaging young people in creative play and his commitment to sharing flow arts is infectious. ​ "I’m always playing around with a dragon staff, juggling balls, pois and other fun flow things. It’s my dream to teach and inspire the little ones to go, glow and grow with the flow." - Yuri ​ Yuri is a Flexi Flow Coach sharing his passion and skill in flow in Circus Yoga, Creative Mindfulness and all Flexi Flow Workshops at schools, learning centres and community spaces.

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