Everyday skills that shift, lift and shape empowered learning cultures!

Build cultures of resilience, growth mindset, active mindfulness & creative innovation. Create shared language and practices that sustain and generate child-focused learning environments.

Train staff in emotional and social wellbeing practices for themselves and students, key understanding of movement and brain animation, creative classroom management tactics that encourage growth mindset narratives & social cohesion.

The Empowered Learner - Everyday Learning Innovation & Wellbeing Skills for Schools

Learn simple skills and tools to confidently guide young learners through out the day to regulate, integrate and translate changing needs and experiences throughout the day. Learn The Empowered Learner Program can inspire your learners, provide important sensory integration necessary for life long learning success and nurture creative cultures full of curiosity.

  • Simple skill based processes that can easily animate and connect the body & brain to enhance learning experiences & outcomes.

  • Modern learning environments are calling for new ways of being and doing . Keep up with changing contexts and cultures of what best practice education looks like. Learn everyday ways to bring learning flow in with joy, play and connection.

  • Bring the many benefits of yoga and mindfulness into your professional practice and learning culture. Yoga & Mindfulness are easy to integrate and with a few Flexi Flow Staff Skills you will be confident to integrate simply through each and everyday.

Transition to School Educator Skills

There are essential development movements and learning processes young people need to feel success and achievement in formal learning spaces. The transition to school years are fundamental in setting up lifelong learning patterns, behaviours and expectations. This practical program goes over the essentail knowledge needed to skill educator and staff in whole body learning knowledge that will empower their work with children aged 3.5 - 8 years old.

  • Movement increases connectivity in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is linked to improved attention, memory processing and decision making.

  • Through mindful play, yoga, & circus skills children strengthen their capacity to respond to multiple stimuli with focus, clarity and a steady centre.

  • Cross-lateral movements, breath awareness and learning integration skills offered in Transition to School activate the development of the corpus callosum, the fibrous bundle of neural pathways connecting the two hemispheres of the cerebrum. This is key for young people entering formal learning spaces between the ages of 3.5 - 8 years old.

Self Care, Wellbeing & Community Education

Investing in self care skills, knowledge and intentional practice is essential for staff working in complex, human services & education contexts. We work with early years & education care providers, schools & community groups wanting to nurture their greatest asset - their PEOPLE!

  • Diverse wellbeing workshops for staff - self care, responding to trauma, relationships and reflective practice

  • Training and community education resources: Activate Internal Community Wellbeing Influencers & we will resource them with all they need to continue a community wide education wellbeing activities for children, families, staff and extended communities

  • Family & Carer Connection Tools: Sharing Learning Cultures with Community Seminars & Resources

Inter-Cultural Awareness & Skills:Celebrating Diversity in Learning Spaces

Celebrating Diversity in Learning Spaces

  • Australians come from all cultural backgrounds — Indigenous, English speaking and non-English speaking backgrounds. These groups have an equal part to play within society.

  • Intercultural understanding and positive relationships between students from all cultural backgrounds.

  • Encourage a pluralist, just and inclusive society. Teachers understand the complexities of culture, its relationship with individual identities, views and perspectives. Teachers help students critically engage in intercultural understanding activities.

Blended In-House, Online & Onsite Staff Skills

In-House Training: Face to face PD workshops are the fastest and most effective way to inspire creativity and innovation where it matters most - in the daily practice framework of managers, team leaders and key staff. 

Online Packages: Flexi Flow delivers professional online development programs that cover our core program skillsets & underpinning research. 

iMentoring: Our education and wellbeing mentors deliver iMentoring sessions and Masterclasses anywhere in the world. Staff & Teams benefit greatly from ongoing support whilst integrating new practice skills learnt in Flexi Flow Staff Skills training.   

Invest in staff skills training to experience the benefits of having in-house staff; skilled, inspired and resourced to be local influencers and activators of creative wellbeing & learning innovation cultures. 

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