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Onsite Activation & Skills

Workshops for All Learners from Pre-Prep to Grade 6

Onsite Kids Skill Programs are the perfect way to inspire & activate whole community approaches to Learning Wellbeing & Innovation.

Onsite booking options start with 3 workshops for The Empowered Learner & Passport to Big School Programs.

Choose from one of our fun, multi-modal workshops listed or contact Flexi Flow to discuss your specific learning goals.

The Empowered Learner

Ages 7 - 12 years

Designed to skill learners with integration & regulation skills that support whole body learning and executive thinking skills. Using CircusYoga, music, mindfulness and learning flow play skills this program delivers high impact learning support in everyday ways.

Passport to Big School

Ages 3.5 - 8 years

Designed to revisit and strength fundamental learning movement and essential learning integration development movement processes essential in the social, emotional and learning experience of young people heading into formal education contexts.

Circus Yoga Connect

Flexi Flow circus skills introduces simple ways to bring circus play to your service. Bringing a series of Activating Workshops to your school will offer skills & tools necessary for students to continue & develop their practice, continuing to experience the benefits of whole body learning integrations everyday.

  • Circus brings curiosity and play to movement and motor skill development. Strengthening and conditioning fine & gross motor skills, core strength, coordination and posture. Interweaving yoga flows, breath and meditation to engage core muscles and animate communication between the left and right side of the brain. Bringing together the fun and play of circus with self awareness of yoga - Facilitating skills development for people to be aligned with their flow space

  • Diverse and user motivated cross-lateral movements, breath awareness and learning integration skills explored in CircusYoga have been researched as beneficial in a Whole Brain Model. The corpus callosum, the fibrous bundle of neural pathways connecting the two hemispheres of the cerebrum in animated by many of the movements CircusYoga Connect. This is key for young people entering formal learning spaces between the ages of 4 - 7 years old.

  • This midbrain skills focus brings whole body learning benefits to students. Through sensory integration skilling alongside applying frameworks of learning layers explored in CircusYoga students are actively experiencing and learning social emotional skills that will nurture a lifetime learning journey.

Brain Beats

Using music, drumming, body & percussion play - Brain Beats is a dynamic emotional regulation & expression spaces designed to engage all age groups and provides positive outcomes for diverse learning needs.

  • Movement & coordination. Increases connectivity in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is linked to improved attention, memory processing and decision making.

  • Rhythmic patterning and impulse training through drumming play support emotional regulation at the brainstem level, the first and most critical step in supporting learning integration & engagement levels.

  • This is a super fun and playful workshop - delivered by joyful coaches. Perfect ways to bring some essential skills to those with the most busy of hands. Perfect for the busy, wiggly & bouncy ones - a 6 week drumming program has shown fantastic results in student participation pre and post workshop and throughout other aspects of the learning.

Mindfulness Mats

This is aimed for the littlest ones, specialised Early Years Mindfulness & Yoga Program, using sound and music therapy, children yoga & essential nurturing to 3.5 - 7 years. Our gentle and loving coaches will bring a mat with some simple tools that can be applied in everyday programming between sessions.

Creative Wellbeing Packages: Specialised, Thematic or Age Relevant Groups

A multi-modal program aligned with the Australian national curriculum and education & care frameworks.

Using music, art, sound and movement. Creative Wellbeing introduces children to concepts of mindfulness and has been consciously designed to capture the imagination of the child by utilising a narrative, play-based approach with sessions centred around themes designed to develop a child’s natural interest and curiosity in the natural world.

  • Creative Wellbeing builds skills such as concentration and focus through engagement in the creative arts space. A space that is connective, safe, holistic and encapsulates all parts of the child and is designed to engage and heighten all their senses.

  • A deep, embodied practice from both an educational and therapeutic perspective. This program creates a magical, healing, safe space for our most precious resource; our children, where they are free to be creatively expressive, release emotion and find a calm space within.

  • Facilitated by creative arts professionals, registered and trained in music, art, sound healing and teaching.

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