Joy Based Learning & Wellbeing programs

For children, educators and creative communities

Flexi Flow offers practical and effective programs fusing yoga, circus & mindful play to schools, families and communities. We weave creative mindfulness and active meditation with play-based learning to contribute to empowered communities in schools & families. We offer customised & innovative solutions that enable young people to respond effectively to the complex challenges of modern living.
Why Flexi Flow?
Joy Based Learning & Wellbeing programs

Core Principals

Flexi Flow programs have been designed from thousands of hours working with children and young people in schools, community learning spaces, education care collectives and festivals.

  • Active Mindfulness

    Meditation is a state of flow that can be found in movement & stillness. Active meditation engages breath, intention, music, visualisation and movement.

  • Learning Integration

    Movement and joy based learning activates neural pathways enabling the body to retain, embed and integrate new knowledge and skills.

  • Wellbeing & Mindful Play

    Mindful play activates wellbeing and offers the space to re-imagine and create new ways of being and seeing the world. Mindful play animates a space of joyful creative engagement between adults and children.

Play-based, creative mindfulness and activated learning spaces.

Engaging programs to support services in creating inclusive, happy and healthy learning communities for early years & school-aged children. We bring vibrancy, colour & connection to community events & holiday programs.

Flexi Flow activates learning communities that honour, nurture and animate children’s creative capacity, social connection and emotional well being. We meet them as individuals, bringing out their inspired, empowered and compassionate selves.

Flexi Flow guides students and educators to animate their bodies and activate their minds through intentional movement and breathing. Easy to learn, designed to reduce anxiety, model mindfulness and enable children to integrate high levels of learning in fun and imaginative ways.

We offer a suite of tools and programs that invite a continuous and self directed engagement with these movements. Through intentional participation in these flow states children and young people embody the many benefits of these movements easily and are able to integrate these feelings into the rest of their daily lives.


Amy Blane - Program Site Manager Jabiru Communities for Kids – New Farm

Onsite Programs & Workshops

Amy Blane - Program Site Manager Jabiru Communities for Kids – New Farm

Flexi Flow workshops always engage our children, as each type of learner finds something different to connect with. As a large service with over 70 daily participants, we have enjoyed numerous workshops with Chelsea and her team, focused on circus skills and movement, as well as yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices. Workshops are tailored to children of varying age ranges, so her lessons resonate with children who are at both the beginnings and nearing the ends of their primary school journeys.
Gerard Dowling B.A. B.Soc.Wk General Manager, School Age Care Jabiru Community, Youth and Children’s Services Inc

Creative Communities Co-Creators Wellbeing & Learning Innovation Partner

Gerard Dowling B.A. B.Soc.Wk General Manager, School Age Care Jabiru Community, Youth and Children’s Services Inc

Working with Chelsea & Flexi Flow Mentors to deliver circus, yoga and mindfulness programs for our 22 school age care services has been a delightful experience. Flexi Flow's engaging programs support our services in creating inclusive, happy and healthy before and after school and holiday experiences for over a thousand children in our care.

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